Trash Service

One Way Disposal


Due to inclement weather on March 19, 2020, One-Way trash disposal service was unable to serve all customers, and due to circumstances relating to the current pandemic, refuse collection services could not be rescheduled for those affected residents whose properties could not be serviced.  As a result, any unserved properties will be collected during the next regularly scheduled pick-up date, Thursday, March 26th.  During this interim period, please do not leave your refuse containers or uncontained trash bags out along the roadway; please do not place your trash out for collection until next Thursday, March 26th.  Thank you. 

Holiday Schedule

We run routes on all holidays except MEMORIAL DAY, INDEPENDENCE DAY, LABOR DAY, THANKSGIVING DAY, CHRISTMAS DAY and NEW YEAR’S DAY. Our routes on those holidays and the subsequent days of that week will be completed one day late (Thursday collections will be rescheduled for Friday, Friday collections will be rescheduled for Saturday, etc.)

In the event the holiday lands on a Saturday or Sunday, there will be NO delay in weekly pickup.

The City of Central City no longer provides recycling services, though please contact One Way Disposal at (303) 823-0556 if you wish to participate.  If you wish to learn more about these services, additional recycling information can be found under the hyperlink in this text.