City Council

Jeremy Fey - Mayor

Mayor Fey moved to Central City in February of 2017 with his wife Aidarfa and his daughter Aliah. They have recently welcomed a new member to their family, a new daughter named Golda. Jeremy is a Colorado Native and has loved and frequented Central City since the early 70’s.  Mr Fey’s career path started with selling programs at Red Rocks in 1985, to promoting World Championship Wrestling across America throughout the 90’s, to consumer product licensing and event retail management for clients such as the NFL, IOC and FIFA.  Mayor Fey moved to Central City to lead a revitalization of the City’s historic district through arts and entertainment programming, and expanded hospitality offerings.  

Judy Laratta - Mayor Pro-Tem

Judy Laratta was elected to the city council in 2014. She has been a resident of Central City for 24 years, and worked in the gaming industry for many of those years. 

Born in Idaho, Judy has had an interesting and colorful career, highlighted by her years as a Playboy Bunny and resident of Hugh Heffner's Chicago mansion. This was followed by almost 50 years of tending bar, cocktailing, real estate brokering, and raising a family.

She moved to Central City with her late husband, James. Her son, Dana, is employed by Century Casino as their marketing manager. She lives on the hillside above Main Street with her two pugs, Samantha and Jojo.

Judy is very proud of her efforts to remove the "Do Not Enter" sign from the entrance to our city.  Rather than first time visitors being directed away from the core of our city, the new direction of traffic is much more welcoming to new and returning visitors.

Jeff Aiken - Alderman

Alderman Jeff Aiken has lived in Central City for 35 years and has worked for Central City businesses for all of those 35 years.

Previously, he had been employed in the casino industry for nearly 25 years, working in casinos on Main Street, talking with both casino guests and local residents gives Jeff an excellent vantage point for seeing and understanding issues affect the city.

In addition to his work in the casinos, Jeff has also been an independent contractor.  As a stonemason, he has repaired many of the city’s historic Cornish stone walls.

For the last 12 years, he has been an elected member of the Black Hawk Central City Sanitation District, which has maintained quality services while having what may well be the lowest rates in the nation. 

Jeff was first elected to the City Council in February of 2016 to fill a vacancy and was re-elected for four-year terms in November of 2016 and November of 2020.

Kara Tinucci - Alderman

Kara was elected in November 2020.

Vacant Council Seat 

An exciting opportunity exists for a resident of Central City who wishes to serve on the Central City Council. Please see the vacancy announcement here