Forms, Permits and Applications

All resources and permit applications related to planning, historic preservation and building may be found here


​​​​​​Special Events:

If you are planning a special event in Central City, please complete the Special Event Permit Application and submit the application along with all other requirements to Joe Loyet, at jloyet@cityofcentral.co

A completed application must be submitted not less than forty-five (45) days nor no more than one (1) year before the event date. It is advised you reach out to City Staff prior to the 45-day deadline to ensure the application will be complete by the 45-day deadline.

Additional permits may be required, including, but not limited to a liquor license, a street closure permit, or a Temporary Use Permit. 

  • A liquor license is required if you plan to serve alcohol. Please contact Reba Bechtel, cityclerk@cityofcentral.co, regarding the application process.
  • In the case that your event utilizes private property only or both public and private, please complete a Temporary Use Permit.

Notice to the business community is required as well as additional approval for street closures in the downtown core (see map in Sec. 11-5-40 (c)).


  • The applicant is required to give notice in writing to the Central City Business Improvement District and local businesses at least 45 days prior to the event (Sec. 11-5-40 (c)). Comments shall be directed to the Coordinator and received within 30 days prior to the event. Documentation for this should be included in the submission and comments may be directed to:


Joe Loyet, Project Manager, jloyet@cityofcentral.co. Subject line – [NAME OF SPECIAL EVENT].


See Notice and Comment template here.


  • Regarding street closure requests, Sec. 11-5-50 outlines two options:
    1. The request may be brought to Council for review (once the application is complete) and applicant would provide a written statement outlining public and economic benefits associated with the event, or


    1. Obtain statements of written support and consent from the Central City Business Improvement District and all directly adjacent active businesses, in good standing with the City, and submit documentation with the application.


  • City Council meets on the first and third Tuesday of the month.

City Park Use:

Temporary Sanitation Facilities:

The Black Hawk Central City Sanitation District requires the below form to be completed for special events requiring temporary sanitation facilities. 

Development projects are required to connect to the water and sewer system. Water is provided by the City of Central and applications may be submitted to the Central City Water Department

Sewer/Sanitation is provided through the Black Hawk Central City Sanitation District (BHCCSD). You should contact BHCCSD directly to confirm the standards and requirements.

Black Hawk/Central City Sanitation District

7320 Black Hawk Blvd, Suite 2B

P.O. Box 362

Black Hawk, CO  80422

(303) 582-3422 Office

(303) 582-3424 Fax