In 2016, Central City gained ownership of the historic Belvidere Theater, one of Colorado Preservation Inc's most endangered places. Since then, work has been completed to stabilize the structure including an emergency roof repair in fall 2018. Learn more about the project in the Westword. In fall 2019, the City completed a business pro forma addressing occupancy uses and the business plan. The next phases include exterior and interior restoration and renovations. 

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Architectural Design

Restoration Plans

Business Plan and Proforma Analysis

Central City was recently approved for the Restart Destinations Program (, offered through the Colorado Tourism Office (CTO). This is a one-year endeavor designed to support Central City in developing and implementing tourism recovery strategies. Here’s what we aim to accomplish through the Restart Destinations Program:

  • Coordination and collaboration across tourism partners including the Business Improvement District, gaming partners, heritage and cultural partners, and restaurant and retail,
  • Empower local businesses and organizations to take ownership in marketing efforts, and
  • Prepare partners for implementation of recovery efforts.

This is a great opportunity for Central City to collaborate and coordinate tourism marketing strategies with tourism partners. The one-year approach consists of:

  • A full-day recovery workshop to convene local tourism stakeholders, prioritize recommendations for recovery, and develop a recovery action plan,
  • 75 hours of customized technical assistance from CTO to implement priority tactics within the destination’s recovery action plan, and
  • $10,000 in Colorado Tourism Office marketing support.

If you are interested in participating or learning more, please contact Lisa Roemhildt, Planner & Main Street Advisor.

Central City joined  Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy program to help communities achieve energy goals and enable local residents and businesses to reduce their energy bills and carbon footprints. Xcel Energy’s Partners in Energy will help Central City put its energy goals into action. On October 6, 2020, City Council adopted Resolution 20-35 approving the Energy Action Plan and authorizing execution of the Memorandum of Understanding for Phase 2 - Plan Implementation. 

Our goals include both residential and commercial energy efficiency as well as providing EV charging in the downtown core. 

In effort to encourage residential participation in energy efficiency and renewable energy programs, we prepared the Energy Resource Guide for Historic Residential Properties, though this may be applied to non-historic structures. Learn about programs and rebates available to homeowners and start saving today! 

For commercial properties, the average Central City business spends about $2,500 annually on energy, though some businesses may pay more or less depending on size, equipment, and building efficiency meaning there are good opportunities to increase efficiencies across the board. A great first step may be participating in Xcel Energy's Business Energy Assessment (link below) and a quick review of the Commercial Resource Guide.