Law Enforcement

Gilpin County Sheriff's Office

Central City is the Substation for the Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office. Gilpin County Justice Center is located at 2960 Dory Hill Road Black Hawk, CO 80422

If you have an emergency, please dial 911

Our main office number is 303-582-1060

For dispatch, to report a crime or have a deputy respond to your location please call 303-582-5500

For the Sheriff’s administrative offices, records requests or to speak to a deputy, please call 303-582-1060

For the detention facility, please call 303-582-3576



The Records Department is open Monday-Friday 8am to 5pm. The office is also closed on City recognized holidays.

To request a copy of a report, you must either show up in person to fill out a Records Request Form or download the form here and fax the request to us at 303.582.3367. In order to expedite your request, we request that you provide a case number or citation number, as well as the involved parties’ name.

The cost for records follows:
Traffic Accident Reports: $10.00
Incident and Criminal Reports: $15.00 for the first 15 pages, $1.00 for every page thereafter
Audio/Video/DVD/CD: $20.00
Fees are waived for Victims/Complainants; Offenders may have the fee waived.

Fingerprinting is done Monday, Wednesday and Friday between the hours of 8am to 12 noon and between 1:30pm to 4pm. There is a $25.00 charge for Gaming fingerprints; all others are $15.00. For your convenience, we take MasterCard, Visa and Discover.

Central City contracts with Gilpin County for Dispatch services. The dispatch center is located at the Gilpin County Justice Center on Dory Hill Road.

For Emergencies dial 911 • For Non-Emergencies dial 303.582.5511
All Gilpin County Communication lines are Hearing Impaired Compliant.

Communications Supervisor, Steven Watson, swatson@co.gilpin.co.us

Other Important Phone Numbers:

Sheriff’s Office Administration: 303.582.1060
Detentions: 303.582.3576
Victim Services: 303.582.5926
Black Hawk Police: 303.582.5878
Colorado Division of Gaming: 303.582.0529
Colorado State Patrol: 303.582.5172
Road Conditions: 303.639.1111
Courts – County and District: 303.582.5522
Dispatch Center: 303.582.5500
District Attorney: 303.582.1340
Human Services: 303.582.5444
Gilpin County Jail: 303.582.3576
Senior Services: 303.582.5444
Sheriff Administration: 303.582.1060
Black Hawk Police Dept.: 303.582.0503

When Do I Call 911?

Anytime you need the police, fire department or medical / rescue response immediately.
Common 911 Calls:

  • First aid calls for illness or injury.

  • Fire, smoke or noxious odor.

  • Any act involving physical violence such as domestic disputes, child abuse or fights.

  • Traffic accidents or obstruction of traffic.

Where Does The Call Go When I Dial 911?

When you dial 911, the call goes to your local law enforcement / fire department communications center. With the help of Century Link and the use of special routing codes, your call is sent to the proper jurisdiction that you are calling from. If you have knowledge of an emergency occurring in another city other than Gilpin County, we will either assist in directing your call to the proper jurisdiction or you must dial that agencies 10-digit number directly.
Information Automatically Displayed When Calling 911

  • The name of the phone subscriber or business
  • The address of the residence or business
  • The phone number

What Information Will I Need To Give When I Call 911?

We will verify your name, address and phone number with the information we receive on the computer. We will also need to know the nature of your call.

For Crimes:

  • Any weapons involved
  • The time laps since the incident occurred
  • Descriptions of people or vehicles involved

Medical Calls:

  • Is the person conscious and breathing?
  • Is there a medical history?
  • Is the person on any medication?

Dispatchers certified in Emergency Medical Dispatching can provide medical assistance, such as CPR instructions, until rescue units arrive on scene.

Tips When Calling For Assistance

  • Try to remain calm and speak slowly
  • Explain your request in one short sentence
  • Let the dispatcher ask you questions
  • Remain on the line until you are told to disconnect.

What Should I Do If I Mistakenly Reach 911?

Please stay on the line so we can verify whether or not you have an emergency. If we are unable to determine if an emergency exists, we will send an officer to check your welfare. The most common reasons 911 is accidentally dialed are:

  • Children playing with the phone
  • Misdials
  • Cordless phones with low batteries

After We Receive Your Call

All calls are prioritized. For example, calls that are a threat to someone’s safety are handled before reports that are no longer in progress. Customer care and service are a priority and we will handle your call as soon as possible. However, depending on the number and type of calls we have, your call may be delayed.

Click here to fill out the online registration form.

Gilpin County and Central City have upgraded the emergency notification system for our residents and businesses. The system, CodeRED, is a high-speed telephone emergency notification service allowing city and county officials the ability to deliver pre-recorded information to either targeted areas or the entire county. The system may be implemented in situations such as a lost child (Amber Alert), gas leaks, water main breaks and wildfires, in which residents in the immediate area and surrounding areas would need to be notified to take appropriate steps to safeguard life and property.

CodeRed has the capability of making up to 60,000 phone calls an hour and will attempt to deliver the message to each residence up to 3 times in order to maximize the number of delivered messages. It can deliver the pre-recorded message to a live person or an answering machine. The message will consist of six key elements:

  • Statement that it is a CodeRED Emergency message from Gilpin County Sheriff’s Office or Central City Police Department
  • Time and date of the call
  • Scope of the emergency
  • Area(s) affected by emergency
  • Action that needs to be taken
  • Directions for obtaining more information

While there is a database that will be accessed to initiate an emergency notification call in Central City, we encourage you to go online and register your own personal information. By doing so you will be ensuring that the data pertaining to you and your home is as accurate as possible. You know where you live; don’t let the safety of you and your home depend on data purchased from a third party. Assure your information is accurate by going online and registering. You will be asked for your name, address, primary phone number, which should be your home number, and a secondary phone number. This secondary number could be your cell, VoIP, work or any other telephone number you would like to be called on if an emergency notification call is initiated in the area where your home is located. Sorry, pager numbers will NOT receive the calls so please don’t use those as a secondary number. Businesses should also register. Because there are laws about calling more than one number of a business, register the number you want called if an emergency is happening that could affect your business; make sure the number provided is actually one that gets answered and does not go to an automated system.

Missing Latitude or Longitude Error

If Code Red is unable to locate your address based on what you entered, a window will come up informing you that it requires a latitude and longitude for your address. There is a link under this message that will direct you to a map area where you can zoom in and find your street, or you can click and hold down the left button and drag the screen any direction to get closer to where your street is located if it does not come up on the map immediately. Once you find your street, you can zoom in further and you will begin to see street names the closer in you get. Pinpoint as best you can where your house is located. Once you have a location for your house, double click on the point and the map software will add a star. If the location is correct, you can then click on the SUBMIT button. It will take you back to your information screen and you must click on the SUBMIT button towards the bottom of that screen so that the information will be forwarded to Code Red for addition to the main database. You will then see a thank you screen and you are done! NOTE: The point does not have to be exact; just put it as close as possible to where you think your house is located.

If you have further questions, feel free to contact Vicki at 303.582.5214 for assistance.

The Gilpin County Emergency Operations Plan serves as a policy level and guidance document. It has been written and approved to respond to major incidents and disasters within Gilpin County. All organizations participating in emergency management activities (mitigation, preparedness, response, and/or recovery) are to follow the concepts and coordination systems specified in this plan.