One mile west of Central City - taking Eureka Street - lie three cemeteries with hundreds of ornate stone markers and intricate grill work, with headstones dating back to the 1860s. The three are the Central City Cemetery, the Knights of Pythias and the Catholic Cemetery. Please feel free to visit and wander among the headstones marking early day Central City residents grave sites.

Please remember that these are actual cemeteries and are still in use to this day.


Chase Gulch Reservoir


The reservoir is a hidden gem in Central City! Enjoy paddle boarding, fly fishing, or kayaking at the Chase Gulch Reservoir. This property is city-owned and open to the public for water recreation opportunities. Access the reservoir by traveling northwest on Eureka Street and keep right at the fork to continue on Upper Apex Road. Continue on Upper Apex Road for about 1 mile. Please note, property around the reservoir is private.  

Ida Kruse McFarlane Memorial

Enjoy a panoramic view of Central City at the Ida Kruse McFarlane Memorial which sits in the original foundation of the Saint Aloysius Academy. This memorial is named after Ida Kruse McFarlane due her contribution to support the Saint Aloysious Academy's continued operations. However, in 1917, the Saint Aloysius Academy was torn down due to lack of paying students and disrepair. The academy's bell was repurposed into the gates of the memorial. 

Access the memorial by heading up Academy Street for about 0.2 miles.


Mine Tours


Central City's rich mining history has left an number of outdoor recreational opportunities.

Enjoy tours at the Hidee Gold Mine tucked away in a beautiful, scenic canyon filled with native species: bighorn sheep, deer, bear, elk, fox, hawks and eagles have all been seen in this area. Learn geology, mineralogy and history while walking 700 feet underground. The Hidee Gold Mine is a well-lit, dry and safe environment. The average temperature inside the mine is 45 degrees Fahrenheit year-round so a sweater or jacket is recommended. The mine was located in 1896. It has been worked intermittently from then until the present time. The Hidee sits in the heart of the Virginia Canyon – Glory Hole Area, reputed to be the richest square mile on Earth. The mines in this area all told produced more than $1 billion (1998 prices) in gold and silver since 1859.

Gilpin Historical Society offers tours of the historic Couer D’Alene Mine Shaft House. The house serves as a constant reminder of Gilpin County's mining heritage. Developed in 1885, the Coeur d'Alene produced ore into the 1940s. Tours of the building, which is perched on the brow of Academy Hill, allow visitors to see antique mining equipment, the inner workings of a mine shaft house, and panoramic views of Central City and Black Hawk.

Explore the history of the 1859 gold discovery that became known as the “Richest Square Mile on Earth” with Earth Treasure Tours. Travel by van with our local professional guide and listen to the stories behind the people and see the places that made history in Colorado’s early mining country. Learn about Colorado mining history and gain an appreciation for current facts and laws that govern the industry today. Experience the deep and rich American mining history of Central City. Visit the famous Gregory Diggings, ghost towns, and mine ruins, and enjoy scenic views along the way.

Hidee Gold Mine
Address: 1950 Hidee Mine Rd
Phone: 303.989.2861
Hidee Gold Mine Website

Couer D’Alene Mine
Tours operated by Gilpin Historical Society
Address: Academy Hill
Phone: 303.582.5283
Gilpin Historical Society Website

Earth Treasure Tours
Phone: 719.298.1452
Earth Treasure Tours Webstie

Peak to Peak Highway

Central City sits along the Peak to Peak Highway, a scenic byway that spans the Front Range from Estes Park to our national historic district. Outdoor enthusiasts can also venture into nearby Golden Gate Canyon State Park for the 12 hiking and biking trails, campsites and the views from Panorama Point Scenic Overlook. Check out the Peak to Peak map for directions. 


William C. Russel Park


William C. Russel Park is a great place to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and a picnic with family and friends. The park has a playground, pond, and restrooms and is in walking distance from the cemeteries. Access the park by traveling northwest on Eureka Street to Upper Apex Road and keeping left at the fork to continue on Bald Mountain Road for about 0.2 miles.