Building, Historic Preservation and Planning

Building Permits:

For any new construction, remodel, or demolition a building permit is required.

To apply for a building permit, email your permit application and plans to


To schedule an inspection, please click here.

For call-in inspections, please contact: 800-735-0149

Central City Building Official - Troy Dicker, CBO (Charles Abbott Associates) - 303-862-1857

To remit payment for building permits, contact Susan at


To apply for a Contractor License, contact Reba at cityclerk@cityofcentral.coAll contractors must obtain a contractor's license with the City which must be completed and filed with the City Clerk. A list of 2021 Licensed Contractors.  The City does not endorse or recommend any licensed contractors found on the list.


Water is provided through the City and sewer is provided through the Black Hawk Central City Sanitation District (BHCCSD).

Additional building resources and guidelines may be found in the following:

Additional permits may be required depending on the work:

Conveyance inspections are performed by Charles Abbott Associates.  Their contact information is:

Mike Theisen

Charles Abbott Associates, Inc.
390 Interlocken Crescent, 3rd Floor
Broomfield, CO 80021
303.775.5129 mobile

Certificates of Appropriateness:

If you are completing work on a property in the Historic District, a Certificate of Appropriateness must be obtained by completing a Historic Preservation Application and gaining approval by the Historic Preservation Commission.

If you are considering any energy efficient improvements check out the Residential and Commercial Resource Guides for Historic Properties, available under the Partners in Energy tab. 

Planning review may be required for projects involving new construction or development, changes in property use, changes to building footprints, temporary use and construction permitting, and new businesses and short-term rental units. The Land Development Code governs how a property may be used as well as provides information on zoning classifications and districts (see also Zoning Maps below) as well as minimum zoning standards for development. 

Fee Schedule 

Parking Fee in Lieu

The parking Fee-in-Lieu program establishes a parking bank to facilitate new development within the Land Development Code (LDC). This fee would be paid to the City, within a special fund, which could be leveraged later to construct a structured parking garage. 

A study was performed in 2017 (2017 Walker Study) to determine the engineer’s estimate of probable cost (“EOPC”).  The estimates are detailed in Figure 1 and adjusted annually.

Figure 1: Central City EPOC and O&M Summary

  2017 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
EPOC $30,000 $30,180 $30,360 $30,540 $30,730 $30,910 $31,100
O&M $270 $280 $285 $290 $300 $310 $320


The EOPC for 2023 is $31,100 per structured parking space. This figure excludes the operation and maintenance costs of the parking garage, once constructed. The fee would be charged gradually based on the spaces needed and the timeframe when parking was requested.

As January 1, 2023

Number of Spaces Claimed as part of this program

2 of 372


Required Parking Space Fee In-Lieu Table

1-25 spaces

0% of EOPC or amount established in Alternate EOPC

26-75 spaces

2%  of EOPC or amount established in Alternate EOPC

76-150 spaces

10%  of EOPC or amount established in Alternate EOPC

151-225 spaces

25%  of EOPC or amount established in Alternate EOPC

226-300 spaces

50%  of EOPC or amount established in Alternate EOPC

301-372 spaces

75%  of EOPC or amount established in Alternate EOPC

373+ spaces

100%  of EOPC or amount established in Alternate EOPC

Space calculation will be cumulative reflecting the total required parking spaces utilizing this program.






















Impact Fees - updated 2023

Per Dwelling Unit - $7,300.75

Law Enforcement - $595.01
Fire Protection - $1,436.80
Public Works - $2,425.30
Culture and Recreation - $908.21
Public Facilities - $1,935.43

Commercial - Non Gaming
Per Sq. Ft. - $9.09

Law Enforcement - $.54
Fire Protection - $1.39
Public Works - $4.36
Culture and Recreation - $.95
Public Facilities - $1.86