Central City Opera House

opera house

Within minutes of leaving the city heat and noise, you will embark on a multi sensory experience that leads to Central City Opera. Feel the cool summer breeze as you take in the lush mountain scenery on your way to one of Colorado’s mountain treasures. When you arrive, explore the scenic and historic offerings of Central City, from tours of the Victorian homes and history museum, to a walk through the art gallery or historic cemeteries. Then, inside the Opera House, sit back and relax in this restored jewel box theater and enjoy the richness of an intimate, innovative opera experience. The Central City Opera House is ranked as one of 21 most spectacular theaters in the U.S.

Address: 120 Eureka Street
Phone: 303.292.6700 / 800.851.8175
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St. James United Methodist
123 Eureka Street
Service on Sunday, 10 a.m.
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St. Mary’s Catholic
135 Pine Street
Mass on Sunday, 10:30 a.m.
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St. Paul’s Episcopal
226 East First High Street
Service on Sunday, 10 a.m.
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st mary

Couer D’Alene Mine Shaft House


The Coeur d'Alene Mine Shaft House serves as a constant reminder of Gilpin County's mining heritage. Developed in 1885, the Coeur d'Alene produced ore into the 1940s. Tours of the building, which is perched on the brow of Academy Hill, allow visitors to see antique mining equipment, the inner workings of a mine shaft house, and panoramic views of Central City and Black Hawk.

Address: Academy Hill
Phone: 303.582.5283
Gilpin Historical Society Website

Gilpin County Arts Association

Visit Gilpin County Arts Association's art gallery in historic Washington Hall across the street from the Central City Opera House at 117 Eureka Street. The art consists of paintings, pottery, ceramics, photographs, sculpture, fabrics, jewelry, weaves and wood crafts.

The historic Washington Hall, which includes a jail (museum) and outdoor fountain garden, is a very unique gallery. It consists of five rustic rooms displaying 3,800 sq. ft. of art from over 100 artists throughout the Rocky Mountain region. Thick stone walls, hardwood floors and unusual sculptures donated to the gallery are of particular interest. The gallery also displays student art, cards and gifts priced from $5-$75. All net proceeds from sales and donations are used to operate the gallery and support the art program at the Gilpin County RE-1 School.

Address: 117 Eureka Street
Phone: 303.582.5952
Gilpin County Arts Association Website


Gilpin Historical Society Museum


The Gilpin Historical Society Museum, located on 228 East First High Street, houses collections related to the history of Gilpin County, with exhibits focusing on life in and the people of Gilpin County from the 1860s to the present. Displays include the Mountain Submarine, a recreated Main Street, the Mining Room, a school room, Gilpin County: Mining Camp to Home, and rotating special exhibits. Gilpin Historical Society also offers tours for the following historic properties: Teller House, Opera House, Thomas House and St. James Church. 

Address: 228 East First High Street
Phone: 303.582.5283
Gilpin Historical Society Website

Peak to Peak Players

Peak to Peak Players is a community theater company operating out of Williams Stables. Their mission is to entertain, enrich, and inspire the rural mountain communities in the Peak to Peak region of Colorado by producing a wide variety of high-quality theatrical productions. Peak to Peak Players also fosters and develops the artistic talents of company members, community members, and local youth through participation and educational camps.

Address: 113 Eureka Street
Peak to Peak Players Website